Life update: PCSing, fresh starts and sleep deprivation

Since I last posted, my little fam and I moved to the California coast!🌊☀️🌴Monterey is beautiful and life is a lot more peaceful than it was in Georgia. Though I miss my friends and family back home, I’ve taken in Cali as my new home. Taylor is almost 11 months old and is thriving to say the least. He’s the wildest, most expressive baby I’ve ever met and his laugh is so contagious. Night times are still really bad and he’s still waking every hour, but I’m managing. Justin is in language school through the Army and has his head in the books for at least 16 hours a day. He’s learning Russian and is almost two months in. 📚✏

1969-12-31 04.00.00 5.jpg

2019-03-11 08.37.37 1.jpg

2019-02-05 09.13.26 1.jpg

2019-02-04 10.04.44 1.jpg

The days here are short and hectic with a little one almost walking, but we are doing very well. I have a couple posts coming soon, but I’m not sure what they’ll be about yet.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back to the blog and hope my followers are doing lovely! Be expecting a post within the next few days.

– Macie🌼