Interesting facts about lavender: health benefits, essential oils and more.

Lavender– a plant loved by many for it’s delicate scent and and gorgeous flowers. It is widely known throughout the world as one of the best remedies for stress. Just sniffing it can being relief to a heavy, tired mind.

Did you know that there are so many more benefits that come from lavender besides relaxation? I would love to share some of the things I have learned about it through my journey with herbalism.

1. Lavender, specifically lavender oil, provides antioxidant and antimicrobial effects that can get rid of acne and inflammation. I learned this when I was dealing with my horrendous hormonal acne as a teenager. I mixed (still do to this day) a drop of lavender essential oil (pictured) with a squirt of some 100% aloe vera gel and rubbed it into my face every morning and night. It’s one of the key components to what saver my skin. I rarely get breakouts anymore.

2. Diluted lavender oil or sniffing the plant itself can help get rid of a headache. There have been studies that show that people who suffer from migraines had a significant reduction in pain after smelling lavender for 15 minutes. I personally find it helpful for the occasional headache, as well.

3. Lavender oil mixed into a salve can heal wounds! I keep salves on and around me at all times to replace lotion and creams of all sorts (post all about salves coming soon). Just apply the salve onto the affected area and watch it heal within days! This goes hand and hand with healing acne, because lavender also has wonderful antiseptic properties.

4. This next one is very interesting. Allegedly, if you apply lavender oil to the abdomen or pelvic area during your period, it is supposed to help relieve menstrual cramps! I have yet to try this, but I’d love to heat your feedback if you have. My go-to for tummy aches and pains is usually peppermint oil.

5. Fights dandruff and itch! In anti-itch lotions and shampoos, you will usually find lavender listed as an ingredient. It’s been used for years to balance out an irritated scalp/skin and is trusted by many. You can also mix the lavender oil with a carrier oil and apply it directly to the scalp or body for relief!

So now that we’ve learned a few things lavender is good for, let’s talk about how I use it! I’ve been growing and using lavender for years, in plant form and in essential oil form. I drop a little of the essential oil into my lotions and facial oils to keep my skin clear and redness at bay. I also have two diffusers that I constantly have going to purify the air in my home. My favorite combination of essential oils are lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus.

I rub a small amount on my wrists and will even put some under my nose throughout the day to promote calmness and peaceful, as well as an increased mood. If you suffer from anxiety, I high recommend this.

Lavender essential oil is also good for fleas. I put a few drops into a spray bottle and lightly spray my moms dogs when I’m over and they stay flee-free!

In addition to that, the spray can be used in a room to create a lovely aroma. I spray it all over my house several times a day.

The brand I use is from Ebay. I find that Ebay has better deals on essential oils than other places, but I advise you to make sure you are getting 100% real essential oils. Do your research. There are people that tamper with the oils. But the brand I use is legit and I always get my moneys worth. The brand is called Green Health Essential Oils and they are found on Ebay. They also have 99.8% feedback!

I will, as usual, be adding to this post as I discover more things worth sharing. Hope you all have a great day!