How to pickle your extra veggies the easy way 🥒

A couple of months ago, I had some extra cabbage onions and garlic that were kind of just sitting around getting old. I hate wasting fresh produce, so I had the idea to pickle them together! Being 26 weeks pregnant with a girl has me craving some very strange foods, and one of them has been sauerkraut. I figured this would be the perfect way to save some money and use up my extra ingredients, so here we go with my simple pickling recipe:

The four ingredients above are all you need! You don’t have to have the apple cider vinegar, but I like adding it in with regular vinegar for its nutritional benefits. (I don’t use a lot.)

•White vinegar

•Apple cider vinegar  (optional)

•Black pepper 

•Salt (of your choice) 

•Veggies of your choice (I used green cabbage, onion and garlic)

•Jar w/ lid

Not shown: I also used some red pepper flakes for a mild kick. 

Chop up your veggies into thin strips or small cubes and fill your jar to the top. Don’t put the vinegar in yet.

Once you have your desired amount of veggies in the jar, add your salt, pepper and red pepper flakes if you want it to be a bit spicy. But the red pepper is totally optional.

Pour about half a teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar, if you’re using it, into the jar on top of the vegetables. Pour the white vinegar until it reaches the line where the cap screws on and seal.

Put the jar in the fridge, and in a few days your veggies will be done! The longer they sit, the better.