You guys asked, I delivered. Let’s talk TEA!

I talk about tea in most of my posts, but I really wanted to highlight on the many benefits of it for mama and baby. As you guys know, I like to be short and simple and to the point. So here is my little tea ramble: 

Many teas, specifically some of the ones I have pictured are known to aid expecting mothers by providing iron to the body, helping the brain release serotonin to reduce stress, prep the uterus for birth, nourish the growing baby with various minerals, help decrease nausea and vomiting and increase milk production. 

Staying away from or limiting your use of caffeinated teas like black and green tea is also recommended during pregnancy. Baby does not like caffeine and it increases your risk for anxiety. 

A good herbal tea like Mothers Milk by Traditional Medicinals will prepare you for breastfeeding as well as provide you multiple other benefits that I have listed in the beginning of the article. You cannot go wrong with an herbal tea!

Peppermint and chamomile teas soothe a nauseous tummy, as well. I prefer peppermint during the day because chamomile can make me sleepy, which is great for those nights you may spend tossing and turning. I’ve used peppermint tea for stomach aches since my tea drinking began at age 12. It works and it’s CHEAP! 

Ginger tea is known worldwide and has been known for centuries to relieve nausea, as well. I find this tea to make my face very warm, though which is something I don’t really like. The general flavor of ginger naturally eases an uncomfortable stomach and many moms do find it to be just as helpful as tums or candy. Maybe I’ll learn to like it 🙄

Sleepy teas like Valerian root and chamomile tea (as I mentioned) work wonders for relief of stress as well as putting you to rest. I do not advise drinking kava tea during pregnancy because the strength of the kava found in most teas that have the ingredient could be harmful to baby.

Now for some fun and all-around great teas. I have two of them on hand right now. Holy basil tea and nettle tea! Both can help get rid of the common cold as well as calm anxiety, which are both areas that I need help in a lot. They can beat the flu and bronchitis, on top of that. Basil tea is also known to fight diabetes! Get your hands on some and don’t forget to add some honey! 

All of the teas I have above are my favorite teas right now and I urge you to go out and get some! 

with love, Macie

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